Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Converting RunAmocs to Huaraches

RunAmoc - LITE<br/>Black
Last summer I bought a pair of RunAmocs, a barefoot running moccasin. They're neat—but I didn't like the fit. They're too loose for running (contrary to other reviews online), and after the initial excitement wore off, I decided that I didn't like the style. Great vision, but it needed to be secured better on the foot.

I finally decided to tear them to bits and turn them into running sandals. I had a few other spare parts lying around, namely, a pair of elastic shoe laces from my "big fat running shoes" days. So I got to cutting.

WP_000236 WP_000238

And then learned about tying. And in the end, ended up with a beautiful little sandal. The elastic closure is incredibly secure while being very easy to get on and off. They way they move with your feet is incredible—I can't believe how many pairs of minimalist shoes I've gone through to find this.


WP_000240The way these things move with your feet is very impressive. Not with your feet—as a part of your feet. I've never felt less resistance to move with me in footwear. This is a 2mm road sole with another 2mm or so of lightly-padded faux (?) leather. I trimmed the toes to fit a little better…but got too aggressive on the right foot. Live and learn. I ordered some pieces from Barefoot Ted's Luna Sandals and will try another iteration shortly. I also picked up some longer 42" elastic laces in plain black (not the reflective black, above) and a proper leather punch (instead of a drill). I am excited.

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