Sunday, October 07, 2007

Goodbye T-Mobile, hello Sprint

As you may have guessed from my earlier post, I have been dissatisfied with T-Mobile's data offering. So I switched to Sprint and got an HTC Mogul. It's a pretty sweet phone...a little bigger than I really want (the Dash was pretty sexy), but you get a touch screen and a slider keyboard. The EV-DO is awesome, although I'm having an issue where when I connect the Internet Sharing application it drops. Oh, and Sprint's DNS was taking 30-45 seconds to resolve names. I fixed it with this OpenDNS hack. So there are a few quirks that I'm sure I'll get ironed out, but all in all, I'm confident that the move was a good one.

I got a new phone number, too. If you have my old 217 number, it won't work anymore; drop me a line for my new 773 number.

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