Friday, May 21, 2004

Follow me... San Diego! Tomorrow morning I leave for Microsoft Tech Ed 2004. All next week my blogging and picture posting will take place at I was the primary developer for that blog app. It has some cool features. It supports image entries, so you can attach a picture to the blog (not just text). You'll start seeing that tomorrow I bet, when we get to our room after traveling. The batch uploading of pictures is slick. You can upload a zip and it thumbnails them and allows you to view all pictures that don't have entries yet. It reads exif and stores it in the database. Customizable CSS for everyone, too (click down all the names and see what everyone has chosen). It's a pretty cool app. I'm amazed at how much I got accomplished in one week. I guess, when you enjoy what you're doing (and especially when it benefits you), you're willing to be more dedicated.

Again, this blog will fall more or less silent for the next week. Check out the above link; There will be a lot of traffic there as everyone will post regularly.

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