Saturday, August 21, 2010

Space Pen

You know that frustrating feeling when you pick up a pen and it doesn’t write? You scribble and shake it, but it doesn’t do much.

I decided a while ago to try one of those “space pens” to see if its pressurized ink cartridge would solve that problem, and it 100% does. If you want an inexpensive pen that reliably writes the first time, every time, with a continuous, even flow, check these guys out. I went with this model, which fits in my pocket when closed and opens to a comfortable writing size. It’s still just a ballpoint pen and writes like one, but it has a nice weight and balance. All for under $11. Worth every penny.

Fisher Space Pen, X-Mark Bullet Space Pen, Matte Black (SM400BWCBCL)

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