Wednesday, April 07, 2010

United's IVR

I called United's 1K-only 800 number today from my cell phone. It went like this:

  • (Recorded voice): Hello and thank you for calling United. Is this ...Travis?
  • (Me): Yes
  • (Recorded voice): Is this about your reservation ...Monday April[Location].
  • (Me): Yes
  • (Recorded voice): What is this regarding? [Listed options]
  • (Me): [One of the options]
  • (Recorded voice): Thank you. I'll connect you with an agent to help you with that.
  • A human answered immediately. She helped me quickly and effortlessly.

Phenomenal. I love good service. And never once did I need to enter my member number, a confirmation number, or anything: I just dialed from my phone and it knew.

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