Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have to post a rave about the customer service at

A while back, I decided to make a Y-adapter so that I could use an iPhone headset with my computer, which has the traditional separate mic and headphone jacks.

A few weeks ago, I got an email through my web contact form from John at He asked me if I knew why he was seeing so much web traffic from my domain. I told him about the adapter I had put together and shared links, and said that a post I had made on a forum had really led to it being noticed.

He replied and said he understood what I was trying to accomplish. He said that he would have one of the guys in his custom cable division whip me up a prototype and he'd send it to me. All he asked in return was that I let him know if it met my expectations.

A few days later I got a fedex with the connector. It was well made with durable-feeling construction. The best part was the handwritten-in-sharpie "mic" and "headphone" labels on the connectors. They sent me the very first prototype! I love it!

So to anyone looking for any custom cable connectors, do me a favor and check out If you have interest in the specific adapter, you can order it directly here. In fact, the adapter pictured there (at least as of now) is the actual unit they sent to me.

Is that customer service worth raving about, or what??

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