Monday, September 22, 2008

North Shore Century

Yesterday I rode my first “century,” or 100-mile bike ride, on the Evanston Bike Club’s North Shore Century. Before this ride, my longest ride ever was 50 miles. As you can imagine, it was extremely challenging. We started in Evanston, IL and rode to Kenosha, WI and back. I was on the bike for 6h37m, on the course for 9 hours. My Garmin reported that I burned 5800 calories (about 2.5 days’ worth of food, or (since fat contains 3500 calories per lb) roughly 1.6 lbs of fat). My average heart rate over the time on the bike was 143bpm (excluding rest time). Average speed was 15.5 mph.

This morning when I turned on a computer the first thing I did was make a list of what hurt. For my own future reference, here is my list. An *asterisk means that the pain is more that what I’m comfortable with, i.e., it might pushing from hard use into injury.

  • Neck and shoulders, from supporting the posture. Especially left side between shoulder and neck.
  • Forearms and hands are stiff. Lower back is mildly fatigued.
  • Butt is very sore. Swelling at seat-contact points.
  • Glute is sore & fatigued.
  • Bottom 1/3 of quads is especially sore & fatigued. Especially medial.
  • Hamstrings are stiff and sore.
  • Right lateral knee pain from IT band. *
  • Both IT bands are stiff and sore.
  • Top-back of calves, up into the knee. Left one feels strained, especially on the medial side connecting into the tendons under the knee. Certain strains produce sharp pain. *
  • Knees and the muscles that move them are very fatigued. Getting into the bathtub was a challenge.
  • Feet and ankles are somehow okay.