Sunday, July 27, 2008

Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade

I just upgraded my HTC Sprint Mogul/PPC6800 to Windows Mobile 6.1. Before I upgraded, I took down a list of the key software that I needed to reinstall. In no particular order, I present my key Windows Mobile utilities:

  • S2U2 - an iPhone screen locker clone. Search to find the latest version in the XDA developers forums.
  • gpsVP - Open source/Garmin Research project for GPS. Works with most (all?) Garmin GPS maps, and best of all, it can be used offline (no active cell/data connection required). Save trails, import & export waypoints, etc. Very cool.
  • Live Search - Good for turn-by-turn driving directions and location-based services (like, show me bars near where I am right now).
  • OneNote Mobile - Take your favorite notebook on the road. You do use OneNote, don't you? Install from OneNote on the desktop: Tools / Options / OneNote Mobile.
  • SKTools - Utility for cleaning up the Notifications Queue on Windows Mobile. If you have ever experienced the "phantom alarm," this utility can clean that up.
  • Google Maps - Good for driving directions and "where am I right now." Not as feature-rich as Live Search, but more user-friendly. Depends on what I'm after.
  • VisualGPSce - Another GPS utility. Just gives raw data from the satellites.
  • TouchPal - The best on-screen keyboard I've found. I have stopped using the hardware keyboard on the Mogul in deference to this.
  • Streaming Media - For playing streaming media, especially from
  • Remote Desktop - Sprint removes Remote Desktop from their firmware. Why? I add it back in.
  • Total Commander - Replacement for Explorer, and also a registry editor.