Sunday, June 17, 2007

Help! Syncing OneNote Mobile

No OneNote Mobile

Ever since installing Vista, I haven't had any luck syncing OneNote Mobile 2007 on my WM6 Dash with my Vista x64 installation. Any ideas, anyone? I've tried the usual steps of recreating the partnership and un- and re-installing OneNote Mobile on the Dash. OneNote Mobile works on the device just fine, it just isn't an option to sync.



Travis said...

[Imported comment* originally authored by Mike.] Try turning off any and all firewalls. I'm running x32 Vista Ultimate and that is what was causing my problems.
My understanding is that WMDC uses the network stack under the covers which is conveniently blocked by Windows Firewall.
Don't forget to permanently disable the firewall(s), or you won't be able to sync again after the next reboot.

Travis said...

[Imported comment* originally authored by Chris Keslin.] Same issues here with MobileOneNote and Vista x64. Haven't resolved it yet. Let me know if you find a fix :)