Monday, March 26, 2007

Vista Media Center

On Saturday, I ran the Vista Upgrade Advisor on my Media Center box/HTPC. It told me that there were drivers for my TV tuner card! Exciting, since I had been watching the manufacturer's web site, and it still says "coming soon." So I gathered any other drivers and performed a clean install of Vista x64, and, oops, no TV Tuner drivers. Looked more closely and noticed that the Upgrade Advisor was only for x86. Dang. Sunday, rinse and repeat, this time with Vista x86. It all worked. TV is working again, both standard def and HD. Oddly enough, x86 seems to run better than x64. I have a hunch that something was running in WOW and bogging down performance. Anyway, I didn't have time to really play with it, only to verify that it "works." And to schedule some of my favorite shows to record.

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