Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nikon D70 Troubles

A few months ago, I turned on my D70 and the little green disk activity light blinked, blinked, blinked, and kept blinking until the battery died. I couldn't get into the menus, either, because every time the menu blinked, the device reset. There was pretty much nothing I could do. At first I thought the microdrive had failed (it is a spinning hard drive, after all). But replacing it for a solid state CF card disproved that theory.

Since then, I've had "call Nikon" on various TODO lists, but it always made me kind of sick to think that I had to send the camera in for service. Well, today I decided to actually do the first step of that TODO—find the number to call.

Lo and behold, I added "d70" to one of my Google queries (not just "nikon service") and found a service advisory. Apparently this is a known issue, and for whatever reason, they're offering "complimentary service." Sweet! (Sweet relatively speaking, since I'd rather not have any problems.) Good to know they stand behind their products.

In other camera news, I recently ordered the Canon SD700IS. I have the D70 (or, will have it again soon) and a crappy camera on my phone. I've wanted a pocket-sized point-and-shoot model for social shots, etc, when I don't want or need the quality of the D70. I should get it tomorrow!

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