Saturday, March 06, 2004


Yesterday was Unofficial St. Patrick's Day. Unofficial was created by the campus bars years ago when St. Patrick's Day fell during spring break. They wanted the business that college kids would generate on St. Patrick's day, so they created Unofficial.

Bud suggested a week ago that we take the day off of work and go to campus bars. I thought that was a great idea, so I became the promoter and organizer for it. Bud's wife, Erika, dropped us off on campus. Tim then met up with us (after walking to campus, which took him an hour). At that point, Iffy was still in Savoy waiting for a bus, so we went to C.O.'s and told him to just meet us in the bar. I think Tim and Bud were nervous; they had never been to C.O.'s. I promised them good scenery and, at the very least, they would get to watch me be a drunken ass. So we drank green beer. When we first got into the bar, someone made a comment to the effect of, "So this is where all the good looking girls come. I guess they don't go to Murphy's or White Horse."

Anyway, we drank, and drank. Oh, it was fun. Iffy took some pictures of the day and published them to his moblog. Eventually, we got some food from Legends. Then we went to Kam's (where a girl walked up to me and told me that she thought I had a great ass). But by that time everyone was tired. So Patrick, our awesome designated driver, drove us home. I fell asleep (or passed out) at around 8:30 and slept for about 11 hours. This morning my poop was of the joys of drinking green beer. Yesterday was a great day, I'm glad we all took the time to enjoy the day the irresponsible way.

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Travis said...

[Imported comment* originally authored by Bud .] For the record, I have been to CO's I went there on a Halloween with Dave, we got drenched by a bunch of fratties who thought it would be fun to through beer all over one another while pretending to row a giant boat which was most likely "borrowed" from DCR (division of campus recreation). They threw pitchers of beer on these guys who were rowing this boat on the floor of CO's while we were sitting at a table and enjoyed the 'overflow' from these guys... That was my experience that kept me from wanting to go back. However, I agree, Friday was AWESOME.